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Driven by a commitment to its customers and its desire to make dreams of homeownership come true, JLV Home Design it’s become one of the fastest growing homebuilders in Colombia. JLV HOME DESIGN WEB SITE Remodeling is a great way to better accommodate a growing family, while simultaneously making the kind of investment that will pay off financially down the road. With AE&M, you’ll be able to make the kinds of improvements to your home that will allow you to enjoy it immensely while you live in it AE&M COLOMBIA WEB SITE WEB SITE SKYLINE For Skyline, building construction material procurement, is the process by which the materials required to construct a building are selected, ordered, invoiced, paid for and delivered to the site. Developing the most suitable purchasing strategy will involve selecting material suppliers according to a range of criteria that are likely to include speed of delivery, cost, quality, specific project constraints, risk, asset ownership and financing. We provide our clients with legal advice in different areas, offering personalized and functional solutions aiming to add value to their projects and defend their rights, trusting that they are in the best hands. SMV INVESTMENT WEB SITE JLV MARKETING JLV Enterprises has an adaptive Business EXCELLENCE Model To cater to ever-changing and everdemanding business requirements. Marketing strategies that are most effective have, at their foundation, a commitment to creating a genuine human CONNECTION and authentic relationship. We are a committed team of knowledgeable professionals with only one goal in mind – your business SUCCESS WEB SITE JLV Huellas appears to contribute to the betterment of the quality of life of low-income families aquiring their homes, contributing to the right to adequate spaces that fit the needs of every family group. JLV Huellas supports housing construction or renovation projects aiming to improve the lives of the families for which they are intended. JLV HUELLAS WEB SITE